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Choose Fiddler! We Will Clean All Areas of Your Home Today!

At Fiddler Roof Cleaning, we know that when you decide to hire a company to clean the exterior of your home, you want it done quickly and efficiently. This is where we come into play. As our company has expanded, we have managed to continue to put our customers first. By making excellent customer service […]

Roof Moss and Insurance: What’s the Deal?

When most homeowners think about insurance they hardly ever think about roof moss. Similarly, when when most homeowners think about roof moss, they often worry about getting it removed instead of thinking about how it can affect their insurance. However does a strong correlation between the two. Having unsightly roof moss is it only an […]

Fall Is Here! Get Your Roof Cleaned Once and For All!

As we get deep into the fall season, we start to think about how quickly time goes by. Just think about it for a second – doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that we were all welcoming in the New Year with celebration? Well, if you’ve been procrastinating about getting your roof cleaned […]