Unfortunately we do not offer services to individual/residential homes but only to entire communities such as Homeowner’s Associations, Condo Associations and commercials properties.

Please be aware that most roof cleaning companies are not properly insured or not insured at all!

When cleaning roofs, the workers who perform the cleaning must be covered under workers comp code 5551 which is a roofing workers comp code. Power washing code (9041) does not cover workers operating on roofs but only on non-elevated surfaces (ground floor). Workers who have workers comp exemptions are basically not covered by insurance policy.

Got a cheap price? Now you know why.

Don’t play with fire – DO NOT hire a company who is not properly insured. If an accident occurs, you will be liable for both the medical and legal expenses which could be astronomical!

To find out if the company you hired is insured, please click on this link. This link is provided by the state of Florida in order to let you search and find out if the company you are about to hire is insured. You will be surprised by how many companies are not even insured.”

Fiddler Roof Cleaning


Pressure cleaning can damage your roof and property! We don’t use the high-pressure pressure washing devices and our products are safe for lawns and pets!


Fiddler Roof Cleaning™ is licensed, insured and bonded and competitively priced! Read our reviews and find out why we’re the best in the business!


We stand behind our work and our products. Get a competitive quote for pressure washing or roof cleaning backed by a FULL 2-Year Warranty! ( * restrictions apply )


Eco-Roof™ protects your roof from ever needing traditional (and life-shortening) roof cleaning again! Backed by a FULL 2-Year Warranty ( * restrictions apply ) against mold and algae.

Great service – they were here when they promised…

Great service – they were here when they promised, they were friendly, professional, thorough and effective – they worked fast, cleaned up after and left me AND my neighbor with beautiful, clean roofs. I have already recommended them and will keep using them myself. Even my most critical neighbor was awed by the job and he said I got my money’s worth – that’s the best complement of all!

Thank you for an excellent experience!…

Thank you for an excellent experience! After more than 14 years of having a dirty roof it was time to have it cleaned and boy is it clean now! My roof was to dirty so I choose to have it cleaned with their bleach solution, instant results. It has rained a few times since it was cleaned and I think it keeps getting cleaner after each rain storm. The price was great and the service was excellent. Thanks again. William

Fiddler Roof Cleaning did a wonderful job.…

Fiddler Roof Cleaning did a wonderful job. From the initial first contact to the last order of business, Fiddler Roof Cleaning provided me with a great experience. The ease of communication was a huge plus for me as I have a very demanding work schedule. The representative explained everything in detail to me and was patient as I asked questions. We set up the appointment and it was finished within a week. I was skeptical about the before and after photos, but rest assured it works. I came home after work to discover they had cleaned the entire roof and it look like a brand new roof. I was very impressed at the technique they used to clean the roof. If you want a professional service and a top notch cleaning give Fiddler Roof Cleaning Inc. a call.

Awesome Service at a fair price…

When I bought my house, the red tile roof had not been cleaned in a while. Fiddler normally uses a eco-friendly roof cleaning solution but the roof was too dirty so they had to use a different solution. They covered the plants, bagged the gutter downspouts to trap the used cleaning solution, and did a great job. When they cleaned up after the job and uncovered the plants, they found a small spot on the wooden trim that was slightly marred (I would not have seen it). They sanded the trim and repainted the marred area on their own. They also provided insurance and license information without being asked. Awesome roof cleaning service at a fair price.

We were amazed with their professional staff…

My wife and I live in Florida for over 20 years, and had our roof cleaned several times. After interviewing various company, we decided this time to hire fiddler on the roof, we were amazed with their professional staff starting at the estimating process, to the friendly workers, and a timely manner and a perfect job done, not to mention the environmentally friendly product used, and no water wasted, we highly recommend to hire and use fiddler on the roof.

Good start to finish…

Good start to finish, an incredibly detailed estimate, extremely friendly phone support, also extremely friendly workers. They were in, did the job quickly and well, cleaned up and were gone! Perfect, I have a clean roof and the house looks great!

My roof looks fantastic…

It’s nice to know that when companies make promises, they keep them. My roof looks fantastic. They came on time. Representative was courteous and professional and most importantly completed the job with no mess, or smell of bleach. I will use them again and would certainly recommend Fiddler to my friends and neighbors.

Fiddler Roof did a wonderful job!…

Fiddler Roof did a wonderful job!. I recently purchased my home and it was quite obvious that the roof and sidewalks had not been cleaned in many, many years. Now, they look brand new! I just can’t believe it is the same house. They also took special care to make sure there was no damage to my tile roof or to my plants, many of which are Florida natives. Additionally, the employees were easy to deal with and were helpful and respectful. I highly recommend Fiddler Roof and will definitely use them again.