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Fiddler Roof Cleaning

Fiddler Roof Cleaning ™, a family-owned and operated company specializing in roof cleaning and pressure washing in Palm Beach and Broward counties. As a family own business, we understand the value of your home. We clean every property as if it were our own, and we treat our team members with the same concern, respect and care we expect them to show to you, our customer.

Fiddler Roof Cleaning has a unique roof cleaning technique that does not require the use of power washing devices (which is used by most other companies). After the initial cleaning we offer an exceptional method to maintain the roofs clean by applying our own eco-friendly solution (Eco-Roof®) which can be applied from the ground without stepping on the roof.

We are licensed, fully insured (including workman’s comp code #5551) and bonded with an excellent reputation in the industry, including A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Maintaining an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service at competitive rates is our business! Our roof cleaning methods are safe for cement and asphalt shingles.

When cleaning roof surfaces, the worker’s must be covered by workers compensation code #5551 which is a roofing code. This code is 5 times more expensive than the power washing workers compensation code (#9014). However, if a worker falls from the roof and he is not covered by code #5551 the claim will not be covered by the contractor’s insurance and the homeowner will be liable for all medical and legal fees. When your contractor is stepping on your roof he must be covered by a roofer WC Code (#5551).

Why Choose Us?

  • Licensed & Insured (including workman’s comp code 5551) and bonded

  • Competitive Pricing!

  • Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

  • We Serve Broward and Palm Beach Counties

  • Professional and Experienced Technicians

  • Safe for Lawns & Pets

  • 2 Year Full Warranty ( * restrictions apply )

  • Excellent Customer Service

Fiddler Roof Cleaning™ offers the highest standard of roof cleaning and power washing services in South Florida. Enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your home or business today!