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Fiddler Roof Cleaning™ is one of South Florida’s premier roof cleaning  and pressure power wash service. We’re a family owned pressure power wash and roof cleaning service serving residential and commercial customers in Palm Beach and Broward County. High pressure power washing can damage your property! We use only low pressure power washing devices and our environmentally friendly products are safe for your landscaping and pets. Fiddler Roof Cleaning™ is licensed, insured and bonded (anyone who works on your roof must be!). Our technicians are trained, experienced and professional. See what others are saying about us!

Mold and mildew can collect on your home and business. If not cleaned in a timely manner, these organisms can cause costly repairs and renovations. Our variety of pressure power wash and roof cleaning services enhance the appearance of your home or business and extend the lifespan of your exteriors. Call us today for free, competitive estimates. We guarentee our work and offer a 2-year warranty on the return of mold or mildew! ( * restrictions apply )

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Fiddler Roof Cleaning offers competitive pricing! Compare our pressure power wash services to other licensed, insured and bonded companies or individuals. We use low pressure power wash devices, eco-friendly products and offer a 2-Year Warranty against algae and mildew ( * restrictions apply ).