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Stop Pressure Power Washing!

Mildew prevention is key to keeping your roof beautiful. Mildew and algae darken your roof’s color and typically return within 6 months of pressure power washing. Traditional pressure power washing places unnecessary stress on your roof (and your wallet), while making your tiles more porous and agitating and compromising  the underlying layers of your roof. All of which shortens the lifespan of your roof.

Our company uses low-pressure devices (the pressure of a garden sprayer) and we traverse your roof correctly. Your shrubbery is covered and your property is left in pristine condition. As long as your next roof cleaning is scheduled with Fiddler before your roof begins to harbor mold and algae again (20-24 months after the first cleaning), we can offer you Eco-Roof which protects your roof from ever needing the traditional (and life-shortening) cleaning again!  This application can be done from the ground without stepping on your roof!

Eco-Roof™ 2-Year Warranty

Eco-Roof™ can be applied from the ground on a properly cleaned roof – our goal is to never step foot on your roof again!  The key to Eco-Roof™ is our proprietary environmentally-friendly formula which is sprayed on your roof and suspended in a bonding agent – keeping your roof immaculate and protected for 2 years.

If applied every 2 years, the lifespan of your roof will be greatly increased and the inevitable issues with high pressure power washing (cracked tiles, increase in pores, damaged roof paper/felt and high potential for leaks) can be avoided. Eco-Roof™ is backed by a 2-Year Warranty ( * restrictions apply ).


Think of Eco-Roof like pest-control for your roof. We prevent the mold from becoming a problem, killing it at the microscopic stage before it’s ever visible to you.
Having a professional company maintain your roof on a regular basis extends the life of your roof, maintains your property value and
ultimately saves you money in less frequent pressure washing and inevitable roof damage and decay.

Our Customers have spoken

In testimonial after testimonial, our customer all agree, Fiddler Roof Cleaning Eco-Roof provides 2 full years of mildew and algae free roofing. With the Eco-Roof Maintenance Plan Fiddler Roof will return every 2 years and never have to step foot on your roof. Eco-Roof is maintained from the ground, using low-pressure, environmentally safe products.

High-Pressure Pressure Washing
Low-Pressure, Eco-Roof™