Roof Moss and Insurance: What’s the Deal?

Roof Moss and Insurance: What’s the Deal?

Roof Moss and Insurance: What’s the Deal?

When most homeowners think about insurance they hardly ever think about roof moss. Similarly, when when most homeowners think about roof moss, they often worry about getting it removed instead of thinking about how it can affect their insurance. However does a strong correlation between the two. Having unsightly roof moss is it only an eyesore but it can also cause your insurance policy to increase or in extreme cases even be canceled. This is one of the main reasons why you should make drastic efforts to keep your room clean and free of harmful roof moss. In this edition of our blog, we are going to explore the development, growth and danger of roof moss before giving those dealing with it the hope and advice that they have been waiting for.

The World of Insurance

When you purchase homeowners insurance the company checks out a large variety of things. Sure there is a common thing such as the part of town you’re located in and how safe the neighborhood is. However, there are also more specific aspects of the investigation such as the amount of smoke detectors and appliances in your home couple with the strength and quality of your roof. More and more insurance companies have been going around and paying close and detailed attention to the strength and condition of roofs.

How Moss Works

What exactly is moss and how does it work? While moss may seem like tiny and harmful microorganisms, the fact is that green substance can cause a lot of damage to your once clean roof. Unlike some other forms of mold and algae, moss has the ability to grow on, under and around your shingles on your roof. When this happen, your shingles loosen and eventually become detached from your roof all together. While you may think this will be a quick fix, the fact remains it usually isn’t at all. Roof repairs can be expensive and roof replacement can set you and your family back significantly.

How Bad Can It Really Get?

Are you one of those homeowners who procrastinates until things get really bad before jumping into action? Do you consistently tell yourself that things are not that bad and eventually it will get better? If so it may only be a matter of time before moss gets the best of you and your family. Letting moss prosper will only damage your roof and this can lead to both water leaks and extensive water damage. If you’re not familiar with no harmful and expensive water damage can be, maybe you should do some research today. Dealing with water damage in your home is both frustrating and destructive. You may be facing a road of stress filled with replacing damaged possessions and paying someone to repair a roof that’s caving in before your eyes. Oh and let’s not forget about how long it will take to get the room dry to prevent mold from growing. Take the right step and be proactive now before it is too late.

Let Fiddler Help

Now that you know about the dangers of moss on your roof and how it can impact you and your hunt for quality insurance coverage, there is no doubt that you should pick up the phone and call Fiddler Roof Cleaning today. No matter how infested your roof may be, our team of professionals is equipped with the tools to help you combat moss, mold and anything else that can harm your beautiful roof.

With Eco Roof, our one of a kind cleaning solution, we have the power to clean your roof while being environmentally friendly. Additionally, this a state-of-the-art time released formula that will get to work on your roof and fight off harmful chemicals when your roof needs it most. Give us a call today and learn about all of our affordable cleaning options for your roof and the exterior of your home. We are standing by to take your call today!

Posted: December 17, 2015