Tips and Advice for Cleaning Your Roof On Your Own

Tips and Advice for Cleaning Your Roof On Your Own

Tips and Advice for Cleaning Your Roof On Your Own

Thanks for stopping by Fiddler Roof Cleaning! We are so happy that you’ve decided to check out this week’s exciting blog. Today, we will do our best to give tips and advice that can help you out as you approach your next home improvement project. Over a month ago, we went over some of the top reasons why you should hire professional movers. However, we realize that some people are stubborn and simply have a passion for do-it-yourself adventures. If you happen to fall into this category and you are planning to clean your roof on your own, this is definitely a blog that you should check out. We’ve put together a list of tips that will help you in your quest to clean your roof minus professional help.

Give Yourself Time

If you’re sick and tired of your dirty roof putting a damper on the appearance of your home, then truly clear the time in your schedule to tackle the feat. Some people seem to think that cleaning a roof will take an hour or so. However, that’s not the case at all. A professional roof cleaning company can take four or five hours depending on the size of the home that they are working on. So if you are planning on cleaning a roof all by your lonesome, there’s no telling how long it can take. Clear out a weekend in the near future and mark your calendar.

Do Your Research

Entering into a mission without the proper tools and knowledge is a recipe for disaster. This holds through when it comes to the world of roof cleaning as well. If you’re going to spend the time and energy trying to clean your roof, at least find out what kind of materials you need. Is your roof covered in mold? If so, you may want to invest in oxygen-based products to eliminate the mold at a faster rate. Or maybe your yard is filled with plants and flowers that you adore. In this case, you should seek out environmentally friendly cleaners that will get the job done without damaging your vegetation in the process. Ask yourself things such as: Are there any supplies I can buy that will make my job easier? What kind of shoes should I wear on the roof? Will I need a huge water supply in order to complete this job? When you do your research well ahead of time you will be able to take a confident approach to this project.

Low Pressure Is Better

Low pressure or high pressure? This is one of the most popular roof cleaning questions (hyperlink to blog #4). Although many people think that spraying a roof with a high powered pressure washer is the smart way to clean a roof, in actuality it isn’t that smart at all. When you pressure wash your roof, you can end up causing more damage than you imagine. The shingles on your roof are made up of delicate materials that can shake loose with too much pressure. Remember if you decide to clean your roof on your own as a way to save some money, you don’t want to damage it to the point where you end up spending a great deal of money on roof repairs or a roof replacement all together.

Don’t Be Too Proud to Ask for Help

Just because you decided to clean your roof without hiring professional movers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get help from your friends and family. If you’re always there for your friends when they are moving or need a ride or any other favor, this is a perfect opportunity for you to get them to help you out for a change. Having help is essential because a friend can keep spraying the roof to keep it wet while you use a long-handled scrub brush. Or perhaps you need someone to hold the ladder to give you that extra boost of confidence. Oh, you can even have a close friend start cleaning at the opposite side of the roof and meet in the middle. By doing this you will be efficient and cut the time needed in half.

Don’t Cut Corners

Once you decide that you’re going to clean your roof on your own, commit to it and give it your all. Do the work needed to truly get your roof clean and spend the money needed to get the proper supplies. If you cut corners you will exert a lot of energy for nothing. In the end you want your roof to be strong, healthy and beautiful.