Things to Ask Your Roof Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them

Things to Ask Your Roof Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them

Things to Ask Your Roof Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them

Think roof cleaning is a simple endeavor that poses minimal risk to you when hiring someone or a company to handle it? Think again. Before hiring anyone, especially someone to clean your roof, or perform any work on it whatsoever, make sure you ask these questions. You may end up being really glad you did!

1.- Name & Address Please?
It is imperative to verify that the company you’re checking out has a legitimate name and address. If the company is using a P.O. box, move on, regardless of how good their prices are because a lack of a physical location is not a good sign. A great way to verify a company’s status is through Angie’s List.

2.- Are You Insured?
Never hire a company lacking the proper insurance. Worker’s comp and liability insurance are necessary to protect you, and any company that does not have this coverage leaves you liable in the event of injury or other mishaps. This means if your homeowners insurance does not cover such scenarios, you may be personally responsible for covering the medical bills and other costs related to the injuries. In your favor, hiring a company such as Fiddler Roof Cleaning allows you to rest assured because we are fully licensed, fully insured (including coverage under worker’s compensation code 5551), bonded, and backed by a stellar reputation that includes an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

3.- Do you have references from businesses and homeowners you’ve worked with?
This can help you determine legitimacy, and oftentimes, viewing a company’s Facebook page can give you a great insight into how valued they are by their customers. These types of reviews are hard to fake, and can offer a look into their long-term standing and reputation.

4.- Is a warranty offered?
A warranty is a necessity, because not only does it cover your investment of their services, but it adds further credibility to the company, showing they are willing to stand by their word and work.

For all of your roof cleaning needs, look no further than Fiddler Roof Cleaning if you’re in the South Florida/ Broward/ Palm Beach areas; we offer competitive pricing, a 2-year warranty, environmentally-friendly cleaning, and we’re fully licensed.

So ask the right questions. Never underestimate the importance of hiring the right people to handle the work on your roof, even in regards to roof cleaning. What you don’t know can hurt you, so make sure you hire solid companies, who are backed by insurance and can guarantee the work they will be doing for you.

Posted: October 2, 2016