Cleaning Your Roof the Right Way! How the Professionals Get It Done

Cleaning Your Roof the Right Way! How the Professionals Get It Done

Cleaning Your Roof the Right Way! How the Professionals Get It Done

Hello! We are glad you stopped by to check out this week’s segment of our growing blog. At Fiddler Roof Cleaning, we have been creating a community of satisfied past customers and confident prospective customers through our weekly discussions and advice columns. Today, we are going to discuss how a seasoned and professional roof cleaning company will get your roof cleaned the right way.

While we have noticed that some customers have very little interest in how a well-trained company like Fiddler Roof Cleaning manages to get their roof clean without suffering any setbacks, there is an equal or even greater amount of customers who are very intrigued by the process. If you happen to be one of them, there’s no doubt that this is the blog that you should check out. Let’s take a closer look at the roof cleaning process. We’ve included an image to bring the following description to life even more.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Customers often wonder how roof cleaning experts are able to step on the roof while cleaning without causing any additional damage. In fact, this is one of the more frequently asked questions that people seem to have regarding roof cleaning. Well, it’s all about using a combination of training and common sense. First, employees are taught to wear light shoes with good traction. This enables them to walk delicately on your roof without slipping and sliding everywhere. Next, they aim to step on the lower portion of the tile as opposed to the higher portion. Why is this important? Well on a tile roof, the lower portion of the tile is sturdier due to its support underneath. Also, if you watch a Fiddler Roof Cleaning employee at work on your roof, you will notice that they will stand on the flattest areas on your roof and put their equipment to work. The flat areas will be able to support your body weight easier and give more balance. Choosing where to step and knowing how to position your body is a critical part of the roof cleaning process.

Know Your Sections

Let’s do a little exercise to put things in perspective. When you mop the floor in your home, there’s some strategy involved right? You wouldn’t mop an area and then immediately step on it would you? Instead, you would mop an area and let it dry before you walk in that direction. Well, a properly cleaned roof cleaning staff will take a similar approach to cleaning your roof. By mapping the roof off in sections before getting started, the crew is able to concentrate on problem areas while the rest of the roof gets dry from the sunshine. Without dividing the roof into sections, there could be some chaos.

Have the Right Equipment

When some people think about roof cleaning, they envision an employee carrying a heavy hose onto the roof up a ladder and operating with a bulky power washing machine. Well, this is an antiquated and unsafe way to clean your roof. A top-ranked company like Fiddler Roof Cleaning would be sure to clean your roof with a light flexible hose. Having a light hose that gives flexibility does two important things. It provides low pressure that is essential in preventing damage and makes it easy to maneuver around the roof without losing balance or dragging the hose on shingles.

Use the Right Chemicals


In the illustration provided, “C” shows that the chemical is foamed on the roof and not draining. This is vital because it allows the professionals to focus on target problem areas while others dry. For instance, the right side of your roof may be plagued by an excessive amount of mold and mildew while the left side may just be dirty from years of dust and sediment. Consequently, the company that you hire may need to use stronger chemicals on the right side of your roof than the rest of it. Foaming chemicals also decrease the risk of your lawn and surrounding vegetation being affected by the cleaning process. In fact, many of the top companies will use environmentally friendly cleaners to save you the worry.

So while the roof cleaning process may seem like a simple one, the value and commitment that professionals bring to the table should not be overlooked. If you were thinking about cleaning your roof on your own, we hope that this week’s blog shines some light on additional things that you should consider and steps you should take to get it done correctly. We look forward to seeing you next week as we explore more of the ins and outs of the always progressive roof cleaning business. Thanks for spending the time with Fiddler Roof Cleaning!

Posted: August 11, 2014