How Much Will It Cost to Clean Your Roof? Consider These Factors!

How Much Will It Cost to Clean Your Roof? Consider These Factors!

How Much Will It Cost to Clean Your Roof? Consider These Factors!

When it comes to hiring a professional roof cleaning company, most people seem to ask one question above all… “How much will it cost?” If you’re fed up with your dirty roof and the fear of an expensive bill is stopping you from hiring the proper help, this week’s blog couldn’t come at a better time. We’re glad you decided to stop by as we go over some of the important factors that can affect just how much it will cost to clean your roof.

Yes, Size Does Matter

There’s no denying the fact that the size of your home will have a major impact on how much it costs to clean your roof. If you live in a one bedroom home that has a relatively small roof, it should cost considerable less to clean your home than if you lived in a large three story mansion. A professional roof cleaning company has to take into account the height and steepness of your roof when formulating a price. After all, if your roof is incredibly difficult to access it may be tough for them to get the proper equipment needed onto your roof. So if you live in the biggest house in the neighborhood, don’t expect to get a discount of any kind based on the size of your roof.

The Market Plays a Role

When shopping for a car, people often find ways to pin car dealerships against each other to get the lowest rate possible. This same process holds true for the roof cleaning business. If you take your time and shop around for rates by getting consultations from various companies, you may be able to get a better deal than you ever hoped for. According to, one of the leading home improvement sites on the World Wide Web, the average cost for roof cleaning based on over 1,200 homes was $386.00. However,, another top website that focuses on bettering the home, the average cost of roof cleaning is less in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. Based on their research, the average reported cost of roof cleaning in South Florida was $278.00. Keep in mind that despite these statistics, roof cleaning can be as cheap as $50.00 with a maximum cost of near 1,000.00.

Location, Location, Location

Most homeowners are well aware of the fact that location plays a pivotal role in determining the value of a home. But did you know that where your home is located can impact roof cleaning cost as well? Just think about it for a minute. If you live in a neighborhood that’s surrounding by large trees, it may make it harder to access your roof and the accumulation of debris may take a while to clean. Or maybe your home is located on the beach. Just think about how much sand and sediment can build up on your roof over a period of time. If the company that you hire needs to spend more time than anticipated in order to get your roof clean, the hours will add up and you can expect to pay more. There’s no doubt that living in an area that seems to facilitate dirt and grime can cost you in the long run.
Making the Customer Happy

While all professional roof cleaning companies should aim to make the customer happy, as the customer you must realize that most requests come coupled with a price. If you insist that the workers use a particular kind of organic cleaner, it may cost more than the cleaner that they usually use. Or maybe instead of showing up to clean your roof during normal business hours you put in a special request for them to arrive earlier so that your roof can be cleaned before a huge event. In cases like this, you can expect the cost of cleaning your roof to increase some. So if you make any special requests please don’t assume that it’s free. Ask for a complete itemized list of the services that you will be receiving.

Know the Calculations

To ensure that you’re getting a fair deal, ask how the cost of your roof will be calculated. Will the company simply charge you by the hour? Or will you be charged based on the square footage of your home and/or the pitch of your roof? By showing a particular interest in how the price of roof cleaning will be calculated, it could scare away crooked roof cleaning companies. Since you’re spending your hard earned money, you have every right to know as many details as you desire.

Posted: July 22, 2014