Don’t Pressure Wash Your Roof!

The most common roof tiles in South Florida are barrel tiles made from concrete. The other tile are asphalt shingles. Power washing roof tiles will strip a layer of their surfaces and shorten their life expectancy. Asphalt shingle roof tiles have a sandy, granular finish on the exposed side of the tile. This part of the tile is designed to gradually wear off until the tile needs to be replaced.

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Caring for Your Tile Roof

A tile roof provides several significant advantages over other types of roofing. Tile roof constructions can withstand very harsh weather conditions. They also reduce temperatures on the roof deck. But most importantly a properly installed tile roof can last for many years if cared for properly! To maintain a tile roof, follow these guidelines:

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Sealing a Roof or Brick Pavers

Brick pavers and cement tile roofs are very popular in South Florida. We are often called upon to prepare estimates for sealing a roof or brick pavers. Use this seal coating guide to understand your choices – find out which are a waste of money and which protect your investment and add beauty to your home or business.

Always make sure the contractor you hire is licensed, insured and bonded. Unlicensed contractors rarely have liability insurance are exempt from workers comp insurance and not bonded , and while they may be a few bucks cheaper it can end up costing you tens to hundreds of thousands in the long run. Without a license, proper insurance and bond,  you have no guarantee any potential grievance will be resolved. Worse, if serious injury occurs, the homeowner or business who hired the contractor is  liable. You can check the status of a contractor or business license in Florida by visiting the Contractors State License Board.

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